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About Us


MNR Painting and Sealing is a Barrie born company with a mission to deliver the most exceptional flooring systems available. With top echelon products, we create immaculate works of art on concrete styled canvas.


With over 10 years in the flooring and concrete industries; The decision was made to incorporate the two services and go independent. This allowed the ultimate hybrid of skills to create this beautiful decorative service to provide for our communities. At MNR, customer satisfaction is our upmost top priority. We operate a very transparent and honest approach to allow our clients piece of mind when searching for a floor company.


We passionately believe in coatings versus traditional flooring methods simply due to the fact that epoxies actually protect concrete. Concrete is porous enough to allow a strong bond with the epoxies allowing you years of resilience versus any other system. No conventional floor system offers a seamless, chemical, and abrasion resistant finish other than epoxies and that's why we do this. 


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